Thanks to our Sponsors!

Monster Fest is free. Vendor tables are free and attendance is free. Partially this is thanks to the Chesapeake Public Library allowing us to use their facilities and we are so happy to be there! The other expenses to put on this event come out our pocket or from generous Sponsors like these:

DR Enterprises – Check out this table at Monster Fest!

Mark Sieber, Author – Check out his book He Who Types Between the Rows 2: Horror Drive-In Will Never Die!

Quixotic Arts – check out the page for more info. or visit her shop on Granby St. in Norfolk.

Mike Federali – check out his awesome events!

Paulzilla – An avid supporter since the very first Monster Fest!

Vintage Trixie – check out the page for more info. or shop at

The Monster Channel

GalaxyJane and Fuzzball – Mysterious names for awesome sponsors!

Thank you for your support!

Also a huge thank you to the many vendors who go out of their way to donate and/or make items to add to our charity raffle basket or for contest prizes! Please be sure to shop with and support our vendors throughout the day. They are small businesses, nearly all of them are local, and I guarantee they have cool stuff!


About MonsterFest

Brother Shock is the mascot of the annual Monster Fest classic horror convention held at the Central Library in Chesapeake, VA.

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