Monster Fest is the annual one-day horror convention held at the Chesapeake Central Library in Virginia for fans of classic horror in film and literature.

Begun in 2003 by Rob Floyd and artist Clayton Sayre, and continued by Rob and Phyllis Floyd, Monster Fest is a day of vendors, panel discussions, special guests, a costume contest, live music, trick-or-treating for all kids in costume, and a horror movie marathon! Monster Fest 14 will be held on Saturday, October 7, 2017. Doors open at 10:00am.

“I’ve been to every Monster Fest since the very first one and it keeps getting better each year. The folks who run it have become my extended family. I look forward to meeting new friends, too. I wouldn’t miss Monster Fest for the World…in this or any alternate universe!”
– Craig T. Adams, from the Doctor Madblood TV Show and Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets

  1. What about food vendors?

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    • Hi Raymond and many apologies for the response time. I was not receiving notifications of messages for some reason. Food vendors are tricky. All food must be packaged with all ingredients on the label. If you fill out the vendor form when it goes up, with detailed information about what you vend and how you vend (food truck/cart, prepackaged foods etc.) I will get more information on if we can allow it. Thank you!


  2. I spoke with you several months ago about speaking at this event in 2017. I have a book on the archetype of werewolves and within a few months I will have a book out on the cultural development of vampires. I hope to hear from you about 2017!


    • Hi Ron I don’t know why I never received this notification, but I have it now! If you are still interested, but we would love to have you present a panel at Monster Fest. The date is October 7, 2017. Please send me an email directly so I’m sure to get it timely. monsterfest@cox.net


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