Vendors, Guests, Artists, Authors, and More!

Monster Fest the 13th Guests and Vendors

Taste Fire Hot Sauces LLC
Fisnet Inc
Baine Kelly
Bev’s Trinkets  
Mars Con
MystiCon & RavenCon
Craigs collectibles and comics
Dr. Madblood
Fuzz and Stuffing Puppets
Dan Johnson – Empire Comics Lab
Nightmares Toy & Collectibles
Celluloid Coffin Video
Daniele Lanzarotta
Shrine of the Immaculate Collection
Grace Gemini crafts  
Dee Southerland – Horror Writers Association – Virginia Chapter
Ballons by Francine
Bloke’s Terrible Tomb of Terror
Decayed Angel Productions/Nightmare Sonata
Horror Knots
John Logan’s Comics & Stuff
 Rick Clark “The Keeper” from Chamber Theater
Dead West Comics
Silent Orchid Studio
Horror Drive-in
Mark Winslow
Gothic Charms & Bobby Gammonster
Buckaroo Magpie  
Midnight Frights
Nancy A. Collins
Pikkled Punk
Nightmare Mansion
Pamela K. Kinney
Scary Monsters Magazine
Ripping It Down
Dr. Gruesome and Skeeter
Ronald Malfi
Trilogy Comics
Red Vein Army Productions, LLC
Horse Archer Productions
Dr. Gruesome and Skeeter
Off Hand Gallery facebook/offhandgallery
Table 58
Apple of my Eye creations
Talk of the Tavern Publishing Group
Zeno’s Books
The Leather Imp
Sacrifice Records
  1. Hi Jesse! We love your creations! I actually thought we had you down for a table already. My computer at home is being repaired, but I’ll double check as soon as I can. Please go fill out the vendor form if you haven’t done so already and I’ll check my list as soon as I have access to it again.


  2. Thanks Lisa! I will let you know if we have any openings.


  3. Thank you for your interest, AmandaR. Unfortunately, we have been out of tables since May. We will put up a new vendor form after the first of the year if you would be interested in vending next year. Hope you can make it out to Monster Fest and join us in the festivities this year; even if you can’t vend!

    Thanks again!


  4. I want to play. 😉


  5. Have you decided what the panels will be this year? I ask, because Nightmare Sonata is going to be available (this is technically the last day of their US tour) fully electric or acoustic like they did last year, but we just need word from you what you’d like them to do so we can plan accordingly. Thanks!


    • Nightmare Sonata will have a panel if you’re still interested. Our panel room space has become very limited so it’s been hard figuring out where to put everyone. Emails should go out to all panelists this weekend. Thanks!


  6. Are there any more artist/vendor tables left to snag up?


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