Vendors, Guests, Artists, Authors, and More!

  1. Sorry, we are completely out of tables for this year’s event. Thanks for the inquiry.


  2. Just wondering if there will be a double feature film in the evening?


    • Hi Serene. Yes there will be! Doors open at 7:30. There will be a short performance by the band “The Sons of Frankenstein” and then the movies will begin. We are showing “Plague of the Zombies” and “Dawn of the Dead”.


  3. I am begging you guys to invite Rick Clark (AKA Keeper of the Chamber) back again this year. Please tell me who I have bribe to make this happen. Please-PLEASE invite Rick Clark back again. He has still has some fans who will never forget him.


  4. Hello,
    Is it too late to acquire an artist table?


  5. Walter Watkins

    Hi – jut came across this online. I think this is a really cool event you’ve established. I would like to see my local library follow suite! By the way, who are your guests for this year?


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