Vendors, Guests, Artists, Authors, and More!

Confirmed List:

Taste Fire
Haunted Screams Expo
Fishnet Inc
2 Bad Apples
Bobby Gammonster
Off Hand Gallery
Raven Con
Carol Smith
CSF Graphics
Gillimurphy Press Artwork by Christopher Lewis
Craig’s Collectibles and Comics
Craig T. Adams
Dr. Madblood
21st Century Sandshark Studios
Nightmares Toys and Off the Cuff Stuff for Pets
Quixotic Arts
Shrine of the Immaculate Collection
Grace Gemini Studio
DR Enterprises
The Fright Shop
Pinup Vixen Beads
Balloons by Francine
Greg Steele
954 Collectibles
Scares That Care
Conner Comics
The Cemetery Boys
Jan Casper Photography
Retro Daddio
Fright Lights
John Logan’s Comics & Stuff
Manos Publishing
The Ringmaster’s Realm
Horror Drive-in
Mark Winslow, Artist
Gothic Charms
Professional Image Craft by Nancie Laing
Pamela K. Kinney
Scary Monsters Magazine
Ripping it Down
Horse Archer Productions LLC
Maby Deadly Art
Tony Beckwith
Table 58
Apple of My Eye Crafts
Talk of the Tavern Publishing
757 Geek Fandoms
Zenos Comics
Just a Little Hocus Pocus
Relay for Life
Mr. Lobo
  1. Deathzonemask

    When we vendor app be going up


  2. Vendor Apps are available. Link on the main page, in case you missed it.


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