Monster Fest 13 is GO!

The date for Monster Fest 13 is October 1, 2016.  Mark your calendars and make plans to join us!

We will start taking table reservation in the spring.  Announcements will be made here and on facebook when the vendor application is live.

Keep checking back for updates!


About MonsterFest

Brother Shock is the mascot of the annual Monster Fest classic horror convention held at the Central Library in Chesapeake, VA.

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  1. When will the vendor sign ups be posted? 🙂
    I loved the con so much, for the past few years I felt like I should share my way of Horror.

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    • Hi Mina. I apologize for the terrible response time! I was not receiving notification of messages somehow and just received a bunch all at once.
      Vendor forms will be available very soon. Thanks for checking with us!


  2. Hi!
    Is there an email list for this event? I want to be able to reserve a table as soon as they open up 😀
    Carlos Cruzpagan

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    • Thanks for your interest! The vendor application will be available soon. We do not have an email list but the Monster Fest Facebook page is pretty active and notification will be posted here and there as soon as the application is available. Thank you!


  3. I keep checking in every day anxiously awaiting more announcements! Can’t wait to begin vendor registration!

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